AS Accountant 6

General Characteristics

AS Accountant 6 new generation accounting system is a new, more advanced version of widespread AS accounting system used for the purposes of accounting automation of small and medium-sized organisations.

The work with the system has become too comfortable and pleasant due to the modern interface developed by advanced software technologies, colors and fonts of different themes.

The system working environment is built on a familiar and comfortable MS office style, which helps to avoid the time spend and discomfort on adapting to new working environment.

Simultanoues work of all 7 subsystems in AS Accountant 6 system (Accounting, Storage, Short-life items, Salary, Fixed assets, Bank and Administrator Tools) is possible. The system works on a Unicode based system, which enables to enter data in any language.

More powerful and flexible reporting system

Practically any report on system-based entered data can be received due to AS Accountant 6 system new tools (data filtering, grouping, column selecting and etc.) and its integration with MS-Excel and the latter’s wide application of accounting and analytical capabilities.

Accounting and Bank Account Management through One System

AS Accountant 6 system directly involves internet banking system which enables to manage bank accounts immediately through the accounting system avoiding extra steps to export and import data into other systems.

New Opportunities for High-speed Data Input

The system added import and export new tools enable to considerably save time spent on data entry.

  •    Import of informative data and documentflow from MS Excel
  •    Import and export of all information through XML files

Price list*

  AS Accountant 6  Transition Premium** 
1  Workspace 198.000 AMD 0 AMD
4 workspace 360.000 AMD 82.800 AMD
9 workspace 480.000 AMD 120.000 AMD

* -Prices include VAT

**-Transition premium for passing  to AS Accountant 6  from system previous versions

Obtaining AS Accountant system with our help you will get the following  free services in your office

  • system introduction
  •  installation
  • directories formation
  • one-month service provision

How to obtain AS Accountant 6 system

Transmission form AS Accountant system previous versions to AS Accountant system