Why AS Accountant Systems

Specialized in the sphere of business management system development, implementation and service support, AS Accountant system is distinguished out of the scope of the solutions offered by "ArmSoft" company.

It is already 11 years that the small and medium-sized enterprises have been supported by accounting automation with the help of the system.


Due to its low price, wide range of functionality and simplicity of usage, AS accountant system is operated by over 5000 specialists by automating the records in more than 6000 enterprises.


A new generation AS Accountant 6 system is a new, more advanced version of AS accountant system. Developed with newest software technologies, the System enables to more increase the efficiency and quality of the work, and due to the strong and flexible reporting capabilities it’s possible to practically get any report.


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Intensive Courses of AS Accountant 6 system (for the users of operating the system previous versions)