Price List

1.AS Accountant 6 System Price List *

  AS Accountant 6 Transition Premium**
1  workspace 198.000 AMD 0 AMD
4 workspace 360.000 AMD 82.800 AMD
9 workspace 480.000 AMD 120.000 AMD

**-Transition premium from AS Accountant system previous versions to AS Accountant 6.

 2.AS Trade System Price List *

  1  Workspace 4 workspace 9 workspace
AS Trade System 150.000 AMD 210.000 AMD 300.000 AMD

*-All prices include VAT

By obtaining AS Accountant Systems with our help you will get the following free services:

  • system introduction
  • installation
  • directories formation
  • one-month service support

3.AS Accountant 6 system intensive training price list ***

The System Version Price
1  workspace 30.000 AMD
4 workspace 60.000 AMD
9 workspace 100.000 AMD

 ***- The Service is designed for companies operating AS Accountant system previous versions

The Service involves:

  • 6 -hour seminar (2 lessons with 3-hour duration)
  • AS Accountant 6 system installation
  • Data conversion
  • System one-month service support

4.AS System Courses Price List ****

Course Type Price for a person
Group Course 30.000 AMD
Individual course 60.000 AMD
Individual course/in your office/ 90.000 AMD

****- Depending on the course participants’ needs and the number of participants, other  terms of courses can be defined.

5. Price List for AS Systems Implementation and Support

AS-systems and service prices vary depending on the specifications of your organization and current mechanism of accounting records maintenance. The final price will be only submitted in the result of free survey of your organization’s financial activities.