In order to enhance the effectiveness of the system teaching we have developed standard as well as special methods for individual and group courses in accordance with the requirments of the courses’ participants.

The courses are organized by the conventional model of the organization due to which almost all the system  functional opportunities are practically enforced.

The courses may be organized in your organization pattern due to which your employees will get aquianted with all the nuances of the system operation which will enable each of them to more effectively organize their dayly work.

In any choice of training method, the participant as a final result  gets full knowlege that can be easily enforced during his/her further work .

               The  Price List  of AS-Systems Courses *

Course type Price
Group Courses 30.000 AMD
Individual Course 60.000 AMD
Individual Course/at your office/ 90.000 AMD

* –Depending on the needs and number of  training participants other  prices  can be defined

In order to ensure the smooth transmission to the AS Accountant 6 System  we do organize demonstrations and intensive courses.


AS Accountant 6 System Intensive Courses Price List **

System Version Price
1 workspace  30.000 AMD
4 workspace  60.000 AMD
 9 workspace  100.000 AMD

**-The Service is designed for the companies operating AS Accountant 2011 system

The service involves:

  • 6 hour seminar (2 courses with 3 hour duration)
  • AS Accountant 6 system installation
  • Data Conversion
  • System one-month support